Snapshot testing

A picture worths a thousand words.
A screenshot test save you from thousand lines of testing codes.

Make easy for integration testing on the live websites, automatically compare screenshots and highlight the differences. No need to write and maintain testing codes.

Testing doesn't have to write codes

Standardized action steps for most of the common user browsing behaviors, no need to write/maintain a lot of custom scripts for front end testing, all you need is just a web browser.

Web base interface

Create and run tests in web browser, ZERO setup needed.

Testing feedbacks

Action step details, console logs and snapshots, are provided side by side, in real time.

Snapshot test whenever needed

Take snapshots in any action steps.

Simplified UI

All you need to know is whether all the action steps are successfully executed and the screenshots look good.

Chrome extension

Chrome extension to record action steps and run the tests seamlessly on the vbot web dashboard.

Flexibility should always be an choice for developers

vbot is built for developers, because we believe the freedom to do tests in flexible ways and get consistent results with maximum true positives.


Use our open source vbot command line tool to fetch and run tests locally, as fast as your browser can, and easier to debug your playbook tests.

Open source

vbot's testing engine is open sourced.

More features coming soon